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November 27 - December 03, 2022

Upcoming Events

International Thanksgiving Blending Conference

  • November 24-27, 2022

  • Washington, DC

  • For more information on the live conference, click HERE

  • For the Northern California-wide video conference:

    • Schedule:​

      • Message 5: 10:00 AM Lord’s Day November 27

      • Message 6: 7:30 PM Lord’s Day, November 27

    • English Zoom: 

      • Meeting ID: 84982017618

      • Passcode: 123456

    • Chinese Zoom:​

      • Meeting ID: 930119172​

      • Passcode: 1201

    • Outlines:​

    •  More detailed information can be found HERE

  • For the church in Pleasanton​

    • Message 5 - 11/27, Lord's day, please come at 9:30 AM, we will have the Lord's table meeting together follow by watching the message at 10:00 AM in both languages as well.

December Conference with Ron Kangas

Conference Schedule:

  • Friday, December 2    7:30 PM      Message 1

  • Saturday, December 3    7:00 PM     Message 2

  • Lord’s Day, December 4   10:00 AM   Message 3 (localities should schedule their Lord’s table either before 10 AM or in the afternoon)

  • Lord’s Day, December 4   7:00 PM     Question & Response

December Semiannual Training

  • December 26-31, 2022 for live training in Anaheim, CA

  • NorCal-wide Video Training is also available. The schedule for video training can be found HERE

  • Video Training late registration is accepted until 12/11/2022. To register, click HERE and fill out the form. 

Truth Pursuit

Please note that there is no Truth Pursuit study of the HWMR on Dec 3 due to NorCal Conference with Bro Ron Kangas. This applies to both English and Chinese speaking sessions. They will resume on Dec 10. 

The Holy Word for Morning Revival (HWMR):

Crystallization-study of 1 and 2 Kings, Vol. 02 

Week 10: The Lord’s Recovery—to Build Up Zion

Life Study Reading: The Life-Study of Philippians

  • Message 39 – To Participate in the Bountiful Supply of the Spirit and Enjoy the Riches of Christ by Receiving the Word of God (1)

    • Question 1: What does it mean to say Christ should be subjective to us? Use two verses as examples.

    • Question 2: According to Philippians chapters 1 and 2, give a definition of living Christ.

  • Message 40 – To Participate in the Bountiful Supply of the Spirit and Enjoy the Riches of Christ by Receiving the Word of God (2)

    • Question 1: What two phrases from Colossians 3:16 indicate Paul's burden was not for us to read and know the Word?

    • Question 2: What is better than pray-reading? What is even better than that and why?

Bible Reading Schedule:

  • Nahum 2 - Zechariah 8

  • Three chapters per day, Monday through Saturday​ 

  • Full Schedule

Weekly Meetings

Lord's Day Morning Meeting

For November 27, 2022 only, we will start the meeting at 9:30 AM in order to enjoy the Thanksgiving Conference together.

  • Meeting time: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

  • Meeting location: 3730 Hopyard Road, Pleasanton, CA 94588

  • COVID Guidelines

Prayer Meeting

  • Meeting time: Tuesday, 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM

  • Zoom Meeting: 

    • Meeting ID: 936 1736 7112​

    • Passcode: Jesus​​

Saturday Morning Truth Pursuit

  • Every Saturday Morning 8 - 9 AM

  • English Zoom Meeting:

    • Meeting ID: 990 681 425​

    • Passcode: Jesus

  • Chinese Zoom Meeting:

    • Meeting ID:  638 057 976

    • Passcode: 31​​


Prayer Items      English  中文

November 27 - December 03, 2022

International Burdens

The Lord's Move to Europe

Please click HERE for the prayer burdens.

Conflict in Ukraine  ​​​

  • The local saints and serving ones will be blended with the Ukrainian saints for the strengthening and building up of the Lord’s testimony in key European cities;

  • The saints in Russia and Ukraine will be kept in the oneness of the Body and the reality of the new man​.

  • As the church, we do not stand on one side nor another, our prayers are aimed at God's kingdom to be carried out on this earth.

National Burdens 

GTCA (Gospelize Truthize Churchize America​)

  • A Fresh Burden

    • With assurance from the Holy Spirit and based on much prayer and fellowship among the co-workers in North America, we are eager to announce a fresh, intensified move of GTCA in 2022 to spread the Lord’s recovery across the United States and Canada.

  • 2022-2023 NEW CITIES



    • NORMAL, IL

    • OMAHA, NE

    • TAMPA, FL






Northern California Christian Conference Center (NCCCC)

  • Expect to start the finishing work in November after passing a joint rough-in inspection 

  • Donate to NCCCC​​​​​

Local Burdens

  • Pray for the preaching of the gospel 

    • Pray for each small group to contact new ones and bring them to the church life

    • Pray for the gospel preaching in the Las Positas College

  • Pray for the meeting on the Lord's day  

    • Lord would strengthen his speaking through the prophecy of all the saints. 

    • Each service group including ushering, food service, young people and children service, bookroom service, etc., would serve faithfully with the abounding grace from the Lord.

  • Pray for the individual saints 

    • Pray for all the saints will take heed of Brother Minoru's words of encouragement that we sanctify, budget, and preserve our time.

    • Let us remember the saints who are in difficulties such as physical illnesses, financial difficulties, and other hardships that they are going through.