Standing Order Form

Church in Pleasanton Book Service

  • HWMR: Total of 9 HWMR books (covering 7 feasts), $50 per order.
  • 晨興聖言 $50
  • The Ministry of the Word (Periodical): Contains the edited messages from the most recent semi-annual trainings, conferences, and elders’ trainings plus both recent and past ministry meetings in the Full-Time Training in Anaheim; also included are brief reports concerning the Lord’s move throughout the earth, $20 per order.
  • 夏、冬季訓練信息摘要 $20
  • New Books: Softbound, previously unpublished messages by Witness Lee,  $40 deposit per order.
  • 新書(New Book) $40 最新編譯新書
  • Ministry Digest (monthly periodical) $90: Contains 16 selected messages from The Collected Works of Witness Lee divided into four specific topics
  • 職事文摘每月一期(Ministry Digest) $90